Can not backup - folder definition problem - PLEASE HELP

I am testing the software using windows server,windows client. Only the File Backup

Under settings> File Backup > Default directories to backup:
I want to backup MyDocuments only, what should I put there?
I tried many variations, like %HOMEPATH% , c:\users*, *
nothing works…
I get errors like:
Cannot access path to backup: “\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy16\MEPATH%\Documents*” Errorcode: 3
"Cannot get volume for path “*:”. "

please help, what are suggested settings for DEFAULT DIRECTORIES TO BACKUP ?

thank you

hi , look here :

try default directory to backup c:\users,
and included files Users:\Documents*

Thank you, how about env variable like %HOMEPATH% ?

Really i don t i dont use urbackup on windows.
But if urbackup runs as a service, and i think it also doe sthis on windows, and teh gui is just to control the service.
Then i dont think something like %HOMEPATH% would work as you want, because it would use the service user environnement.

So a solution i see would be to make a script to get the name of the last loggued in user, remove all path to be backed up and add the last loggued in user folder as a path to be backed up. Kinda overkill, considering that on a worksation you d get 2 user, the workstation user and the admin, with the admin files, never changing, so consuming bandwith only the first time.

So better back up the documents of all users