Can I 'cheat' the first full backup of UrBackup Client to save bandwidth between two sites?

I’d like to use Urbackup between two locations. I have roughly 3TB of data that I’d like to keep backed up. It appears that you need to run a full backup before you can run incremental backups.

Is it possible to ‘cheat’ this in a configuration file to make UrBackup thing it’s already conducted the initial backup (If I were to bring an external HDD with the initial backup to the secondary site)? 3TB of bandwidth would destroy our networks and incur massive overage charges. I’m hoping I find a way to make UrBackup think it ran it’s first backup so I can start sending incremental backups between the two locations.

Anybody have any experiences with this?

This would be for Windows Server 2012. FYI.

If you want to operate some image backups, there’s no simple solution except bringing the backup server on the remote site to make the first full image backup.
If you want file backups, you should give a look at this thread for example :

The purpose is quite simple, i.e you make a copy of the datas from the client you want to backup on an external hard drive on the remote site, bring it to to the main site, copy files on an existing local UrBackup client in a folder included in the backup job (or connect the drive and include it in the backup job) and make a backup.

This way you will have files and their hashes on your UrBackup server and if you check the “Calculate file-hashes on the client” in the Internet section of the client, UrBackup will only transfer files which have change since the last backup.

Hope i’ve been clear …