Bug: Mac client using "Access/Restore Backups" menu not showing files in browser


Having inconsistent display of backed up files from Mac client backup.

I can see the files fine when manually logging into UrBackup Server http interface using an ID/password.

If I use the Mac Urbackup client menu “Access/Restore Backups” it shows the dates of backups, but when clicking into the date the file list is blank.

Windows and Linux clients using “Access/Restore Backups” menu not showing files in browser

Hi silversword,
could test it with the new Server 2.3.1 beta/Client 2.3.0 beta combo? On the Linux side, the issues are fixed. I hope the fix works for MacOSX clients as well


I’ve got a lot of clients on my primary install, if I get time to do a test I will but I’m definitely not moving my production system there.