Bug: Backup paths list becomes empty

In the Windows client, after adding backup paths, after a while the list becomes empty. That is, I can not see the previously entered paths and edit the list. But the backup still works, all the previously specified paths are backed up. Looks like the paths disappear right after the first incremental backup after installing the client.

Client 2.5.21 / Server 2.5.28.
Windows 10 latest updates.

I have the same error… does not metter if the server is Ubuntu or Qnap :sob:

Unfortunately, this bug has been manifesting for a long time. It’s the same on the Debian server. If there are developers on the forum, please fix the problem. This makes UrBackup not very usable, I have to look at alternatives a bit. Before that, UrBackup was the best solution among both paid and free ones.

Cannot reproduce this issue. Maybe you could post some log files or steps to reproduce? See this thread:

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Add new client in server’s web interface, for example, “pc1”
  2. Download the configured UrBackup Client in the web interface
  3. Install to target PC, add backup paths (I almost always have this as the root of the disk):


  1. Wait for the end of the backup
  2. Go back to the settings and check the paths:


There are no ways! But the backup is still performed, since the paths are saved in the backup_client.db file on the client:
They just don’t show up in the settings.

Server’s Settings:

And example client’s settings (all values are default):

Client’s log:

debug.log (8.3 KB)

The same here.
Server: Ubuntu 22.04, Server version 2.5.28, Client Windows 10Pro ver: 2.5.21.
After the first backup, the backup paths window is empty, but in Command prompt the path is visible.

After adding manual another folder from Command Prompt, the list is visible again in both locations.


Thx, but I followed the steps and cannot reproduce by following the steps. There must be some relevant information missing on how to reproduce the problem.

The log file doesn’t contain relevant portions (settings exchange).

Hmm, ok, I think it is the Allow client-side changing of settings being disabled since those paths are also a setting now. Will have to look into how to fix this, but I guess you could confirm by enabling that and checking if the issue still occurrs.

I activated the “Allow client-side changing of settings” option, but unfortunately nothing changed:

There was only a Settings item in the context menu of the tray icon.
I installed UrBackup back in 2019, maybe something broke in its database files after many updates. Though it seems like the paths are no longer displayed after updating to the client version 2.5.19… or 2.4.11. I noticed it very late.

I confirm, it works for me too. I added the path via command line, now all paths are visible. Now I can at least view and change the paths, thanks. But anyway, apparently the GUI is malfunctioning.

UPDATE: after restarting the PC, the paths are not displayed again in GUI :frowning:

First time i saw this strange thing, when i disabled and re-enabled the changing right of the directories on the server.

According to the description of client version 2.5.23, the bug has been fixed. But now when I try to download the client from the web interface, I get this "ERROR : Signature verification failed ". The same thing in the logs of automatic updates of clients - they are not updated. The sig file for the Linux version is also missing. I downloaded the update to the server manually using the link Index of /downloads/Client/2.5.23/update

Server version 2.5.29, client version: 2.5.23 - the GUI is working normal again!!
Thank you @uroni !!

Regarding the problem of paths in GUI - yes, it’s works!
Thank you @uroni !!