Best way for bare metal restore on Linux

I’ve been testing with the latest version (2.0.3) of urbackup and everything is working nicely. I have the server installed on a linux server (in a container actually). I have image backups happpening monthly and file backups weekly on my windows machines. I have file backups on my other linux machines (which use btrfs so snapshots work). I’ve tested restoring my windows machines onto bare metal successfully.

However, I would like to be able to restore my linux machines as smoothly as windows. File restores are simple but I’m struggling with a simple process to restore a linux machine to bare metal. My first thought is to install linux onto the empty machine, add the urbackup client and restore all the files over top of the existing system.

Any thoughts or guidance will be appreciated.


That should work. Make sure to use the Linux client from the web interface for the client to be restored. That one will include the necessary information to access and restore the file backups.

We also wanted to look into REAR integration and restore CD integration might be possible, but difficult, as well.

I’m currently trying to something similar to this.

I’ve booted the equivalent of a Rescue CD. My linux client’s Harddrive is mounted in a subdirectory.

I would like to install the urbackup client from the web interface and then restore into that subdirectory.

Only problem is, if I try to run “urbackupclientctl browse”
then I get “No file backup access tokens found. Did you run a file backup yet?”

If make a small incremental backup, then browse will only list that one incremental backup, not all the previous ones before it.

How can I get this to work properly?


Have a look here:

urbackup allow to capture the stdout of any app as data to backup, so it could be zfs send , or dd (but that d be not very safe).

Basically, the same use case, you could dump your fs using a yourbackup script and then restore it.
If there s no support from the livecd, you could use sshfs or whatever to restore the fs by browsing the server.