Base_dir_lost (7)


When trying to run a back-up i’m getting the following error:

18/08/16 15:18 INFO Starting full file backup…
18/08/16 15:18 DEBUG Connecting for filelist…
18/08/16 15:18 DEBUG Waiting for filelist
18/08/16 15:18 INFO Backing up “home” without snapshot.
18/08/16 15:18 INFO Indexing of “home” done. 20412 filesystem lookups 0 db lookups and 0 db updates
18/08/16 15:18 DEBUG Doing backup with hashed transfer…
18/08/16 15:18 INFO Loading file list…
18/08/16 15:18 ERROR Error getting filelist of Errorcode: BASE_DIR_LOST (7)
18/08/16 15:18 ERROR Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.

I’m trying to run a back-up on a CentOS 6 64-bit server.

Sorry you are having issues. To solve the problem the client (debug) log would be useful.
If possible, could you post it or send it?

This post describes how to change the client to debug logging, where it is stored and where to send it to if posting is not possible: Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting


Uroni, as a feature request of sorts, can path to server backup log appear in the web interface somewhere?