Backups always result in 0-Byte dumps (running Server & Client on Linux)

I’m trying to switch from backuppc to urbackup. I’ve installed UrBackup Server (version on my Linux-Machine and installed the UrBackup Client (version 2.3.4).

Client and Server seem to work communicating and I can trigger backup on both server (web-interface) and Client. The server already shows 3 Snapshots - but all of them are zero in size (web-interface) and also checked server-storage - only showing empty directories to root-directories defined by “Include in Backup” on client.

My client configuration looks as follows:
Exclude from Backup:

Include in Backup:

It’s may be off-topic in this thread - but these settings really should be made more comfortable than using a text-field! There should be an extra-tab showing an input-field for each Include/Exclude folder (may be also checking the path & pattern really matches any Include).

But back to main question… why are all my snapshots zero and useless?

Thanks for any advise.

You’d probably want to add trailing wildcards to your includes /etc ==> /etc/* see

You also probably don’t need to use includes at all. Leave it blank and just backup the folders /etc, /var/www and /media/Media.

Thanks for reply. I’ll try that.

You also probably don’t need to use includes at all.
Well as far as I see I will require it backing up Linux. I want to exclude /tmp and chrome cache folders as well from backup (backing up /home). As I also use btrfs I really need to exclude “.snapshots” from backup as this will be fatal at all :slight_smile:

I really would like a more intuitive way of defining backup start-points, includes and excludes. Using text-input’s this is really complicated.

Okay… got it running now somehow using your tipps regarding Include & Exclude.

But what the hell… Backup runtime ETA 47 days? Of course it’s a lot of data… but Client & Server are in same local LAN (cable wired).

Just noticed the Bandwith-Monitor in Web-Panel (very useful by the way). It’s showing just 20.91 Mbit/s using Gigabit LAN. How can this be?

Checked Network speed between Client and Server (UrBackup machine). Both running Linux and tested using IPerf3 showing at leat 920 MBit/s Bandwith available.

Why is UrBackup running at slow speed?

And another question is… I had to reboot my Notebook (UrBackup Client). Will UrBackup detect this and resume backup? So far it doesn’t look like that as “Activity Tab” still shows backup stuck in progress and bandwith is zero for about 30 minutes now.

It does not even seem to detect that backup is “broken”, “suspended” or something?!