A client can connect multiple servers?

i seen this

I thin this means you can have multiple servers running on a network but have specific clients connect to server 1 and other clients connect to server 2, etc.

I don’t believe this means one client can connect to more than one server at a time.

Yes, that’s true, but you will have to customize the server_idents.txt file for the client, adding only one server’s ident to the client’s server_idents.txt file.

No, that’s not true.
Follow this procedure to add any number of servers to a client’s server_idents.txt file.
“Two UrBackup Servers in the Same Net”
You can have 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 UrBackup servers.
Any client can backup to any one or more than one server.
Just custom add the single server or multiple server idents to a given client’s server_idents.txt file as described in the “Two UrBackup Servers in the Same Net” link.

All for now

NO,I’ve been tried to setting . just only can connect one server 。 the status is “Server rejected ?”