Zip file backups


is there a option to zip all file backups with urBackup?

Take all this with a grain of salt as i am new to urbackup just trying to help out while i wait for my post to be answered

Zip? isnt really a great compression method …

I don’t think there is any compression available with urbackup other than storage level ie ZFS or transfer compression, but i believe that only effects data while being transfered from the backup server to the client. However if i am not incorrect there is file level deduplication done by urbackup using some kind of database or again using a file system like ZFS.

I would also be very interested in the answer to this question. It’s not always about compression, but simple overview for archiving.

Is it even possible to back up as zip or tar?

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Seems you are responding to an old thread, i think the answer wasnt there atm, but currently you are able to download complete folders and backups from the webinterface, otherwise if what you meant compressed as they are stored i suggest you look in the server settings, think i saw some options how to store the backups and compressed was one of them.

Thank you for the attention.
Unfortunately, I still do not have the answer because I meant something else.

I mean that the backups are made directly as zip archive and not download existing backup as zip via web GUI.

I work with web files, they are quite small but a lot of files. So to save time it would be useful to zip the files and then transfer them.

So far I could not find a backup solution with web GUI with which I can solve the problem. I like Urbackup but I have not found a way to backup the files as a zip or tar file. It may be that the backups are first made as a folder and then archived as a zip or tar but it also brings me nothing because due to the quantity of the backups directly as a zip or tar packed and then should be backed up.

I think you mean the backup (presumably at the webserver end) should be made directly into zip/tar archives locally (and then synced/sent)?
Urbackup would not be able to run “rolling-copy-on-write-like” backups like that, so the archive file would need to be made after a successful backup.

Maybe if you run the client and the server locally (on the same remote machine) you can exploit this:
post_…_filebackup both get the path of the backup it seems, so that would not be too hard to do right?
I hope this is the direction you are thinking.