ZFS COW file backups and Virtual sub client names - invalid character '[' in name


We do have a few UrBackup clients splittend into sub-clients via the “Virtual sub client names” option which works great.

We just enabled COW file backups with ZFS which works for all clients except for those with virtual sub clients. I see the following in the logs.

2018-03-23 09:30:40(error): Creating empty filesystem failed (Server error) "cannot create
‘tank/urbackup_files/client1[virtual1]/180323-0916’: invalid character ‘[’ in name

Same error if I manually try to create a ZFS volume with a [ in the name. Such a character ([) is not valid. A quick google tells me this.

ZFS Component Naming Requirements
Each ZFS component, such as datasets and pools, must be named according to the following rules:

Each component can only contain alphanumeric characters in addition to the following four special characters:

Underscore (_)
Hyphen (-)
Colon (:)
Period (.)

Anybody else seeing this?

Server: CentOS 7.4
UrBackup server version: 2.2.8
UrBackup Client version: 2.2.5

Thanks for your help already and let me know if you need any further information from my side.

Great software btw.

Thanks for the heads up!

I’m really annoyed by this. Thanks ZFS folks…

Thanks for the quick reply and I’m sorry for the bad news :roll_eyes:

Do you think this is something which can be fixed or can you think of a workaround? Otherwise I would need to disable the COW feature for my file backups again which would be a pity.

Thanks again.

I’m in the same boat. I have sub-clients (mainly for db dumps. I don’t need the same retention for those) and after turning on COW in ZFS I’m getting the “invalid character ‘[’ in name” error. Is there hope that this can be/will be fixed or should I just use Linux and BTRFS?

Any updates on this??
I am doing now backups with ZFS and Virtual SubClients and have the same problem.
Server Version: 2.4.15

Thank you so much

Any updates on this bug?