XFS compression?

I have just recently backed up a client that reported as 550gb to backup. When finished I checked the statistics page and the backup of that PC was only 290GB.

I am using a filestore on an unraid NAS that uses the XFS filesystem. I was under the impression that XFS does not provide compression. I am connected to this share from a Ubuntu VM using NFS share.

So I then enabled the end-to-end backup verification on that client and it calculated the hashes and said all was fine. Does the end-to-end verification verify EVERY file in the back or only the files that have changed?

I am unsure whether I should trust the backup? Is there anything else I can do to verify the backup? I suppose I could restore the backup to another PC and see if the sizes match up. Unsure of how to download all the files without using the GUI though.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I don’t fully understand your question. What is reporting the 550gb backup? how big is the volume that is being backed up? and much of that are you using? I have done a lot of test restores and have yet to see one restore fail. The only real thing you can do to verify a backup is to restore it.

Could be the file level dedup, if you have other clients with the same files.

I think this might be the case! Looking through the files there does some seem to be backups of other pc’s on that client.

I am copying a full restore now to see what size it comes out to.