Wsrv2012-R2 full image backup of volume "C:"... constant error "Could not read MBR"

UrBackup was working fine since 5 years. File backup is still OK. But Image backup failed constantly with error “Could not read MBR
Cannot retrieve master boot record (MBR) for the disk from the client.”
Window Client version is 2.4.11,

sysvol_test.log (1.2 KB)

debug.log (38.5 KB)

Disk C/ is MBR partitionned.

Got something similar today: During getting MBR: Error reading backup GPT header 0 at 64424508928
Not sure if the same as you, but interesting timing :frowning:

Sometimes the error is reported as EFI System Partition failed, but there is no such partition, the server is not UEFI.

Starting scheduled full image backup of volume “C:”…
Backing up EFI System Partition failed. Image backup failed
Time taken for backing up client Papyrus: 1m 55s
Backup failed

debug_partial.log (4.8 KB)

In your first client log, the client does not receive the MBR request. So it is perhaps some kind of networking issue?

Thank you for your ansmer, but I have absolutely no issues with File Backup, so I don’t think it can be a network issue.

What I can see in the log:

  • ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#MBR driveletter=SYSVOL
    => OK
  • ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#FULL IMAGE letter=SYSVOL
    => Sending full image done
  • ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#MBR driveletter=ESP
    => ERROR: Not found

Why this ESP request ? It is a MBR disk !

2021-05-02 01:21:07: rc=0 hasError=true state=0
2021-05-02 01:21:07: SERVICE_COMMANDS finished
2021-05-02 01:21:13: ClientService cmd: PONG
2021-05-02 01:21:16: Started connection to SERVICE_COMMANDS
2021-05-02 01:21:16: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#MBR driveletter=SYSVOL&disk_path=SYSVOL&image_full=1&running_jobs=1&token=hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf
2021-05-02 01:21:16: rc=0 hasError=true state=0
2021-05-02 01:21:16: SERVICE_COMMANDS finished
2021-05-02 01:21:25: Started connection to SERVICE_COMMANDS
2021-05-02 01:21:25: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#FULL IMAGE letter=SYSVOL&token=hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf&bitmap=1&status_id=10&running_jobs=1&zero_skipped=1
2021-05-02 01:21:25: Filesystem type is ntfs (\?\Volume{3d5711c2-793e-11e3-80b0-806e6f6e6963})
2021-05-02 01:21:25: TotalNumberOfClusters=89599 numberOfClusters=89599 n_clusters=11200 StartingLcn=0 BitmapSize=89599 r_bytes=11216
2021-05-02 01:21:25: FSINFO: blocksize=4096 size=367001088 has_error=false used_space=270766080
2021-05-02 01:21:34: Started connection to SERVICE_COMMANDS
2021-05-02 01:21:34: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#2PING RUNNING pc_done=7&status_id=10&speed_bpms=0&total_bytes=270766080&done_bytes=20164608&paused_fb=1#token=hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf
2021-05-02 01:21:44: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#2PING RUNNING pc_done=33&status_id=10&speed_bpms=0&total_bytes=270766080&done_bytes=88748032&paused_fb=1#token=hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf

2021-05-02 01:22:44: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#2PING RUNNING pc_done=98&status_id=10&speed_bpms=2854.51&total_bytes=270766080&done_bytes=264343552&paused_fb=1#token=hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf
2021-05-02 01:22:44: Sending full image done
2021-05-02 01:22:44: Removing running process (1) id 5 server_id 10 token hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf action 3
2021-05-02 01:22:44: Service finished. Transferred 221.272 MB
2021-05-02 01:22:44: Encryption overhead: 36.3838 KB
2021-05-02 01:22:44: Transferred uncompressed: 258.738 MB (ratio: 1.16951)
2021-05-02 01:22:44: Average sent paket size: 51.7476 MB
2021-05-02 01:22:44: SERVICE_COMMANDS finished
2021-05-02 01:22:52: Started connection to SERVICE_COMMANDS
2021-05-02 01:22:52: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#MBR driveletter=ESP&disk_path=ESP&image_full=1&running_jobs=1&token=hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf
2021-05-02 01:22:52: rc=0 hasError=true state=0
2021-05-02 01:22:52: SERVICE_COMMANDS finished
2021-05-02 01:22:54: rc=0 hasError=true state=0
2021-05-02 01:22:54: SERVICE_COMMANDS finished
2021-05-02 01:23:02: Started connection to SERVICE_COMMANDS
2021-05-02 01:23:02: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#FULL IMAGE letter=ESP&token=hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf&bitmap=1&status_id=18&running_jobs=1&zero_skipped=1
2021-05-02 01:23:02: ERROR: Not found
2021-05-02 01:23:02: rc=0 hasError=true state=0
2021-05-02 01:23:02: SERVICE_COMMANDS finished
2021-05-02 01:23:11: Started connection to SERVICE_COMMANDS
2021-05-02 01:23:11: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#2PING RUNNING pc_done=0&status_id=9&speed_bpms=0&total_bytes=-1&done_bytes=0&paused_fb=1#token=hM6uf74jVns3wftmaYAf
2021-05-02 01:23:13: ClientService cmd: PONG
2021-05-02 01:23:20: Started connection to SERVICE_COMMANDS
2021-05-02 01:23:20: ClientService cmd: #IXdSt4NisDldXvhSu5Yal#2LOGDATA 1619911392 0-1619911267-Starting scheduled full image backup of volume “C:”…
0-1619911382-Basing image backup on last incremental or full image backup
2-1619911392-Could not read MBR
2-1619911392-Cannot retrieve master boot record (MBR) for the disk from the client.
0-1619911392-Time taken for backing up client Papyrus: 2m 5s
2-1619911392-Backup failed