Wrong time in the backups?


I am using Urbackup server on Debian Jessie 32bit. I have been backing up for a while. it seems fine but I just realized that the time for the backups are all wrong as in the time written in the backuo logs are 5 hours ahead of the system’s time.

I checked the server’s systems “date” command and that seems right, I also checked the client’s time. That is the right time as well. So I do not know why the server is using the wrong time zone or time settings. How do I set this up correctly?

Can you be more specific at what kind of times you are looking (and with what)? The date times in the browser, for example, are converted to the time zone of your browser (which should use your system time zone).


I was talking about the back up times I see when I login to the Server’s frontend.

I will take a look at it in another browser to see if it is a display issue like you mentioned, maybe a time zone conversion issue.

I want to see the actual time of the backup, time of the backup when the server made that backup, rather than what it is in my browsers. Because I might be couple time zone away from my server,if I understood what you said then I would see the converted time, not the actual time of the backup done by the server.