Wrong statistics for Win7 hard- or softlinks

Hi Uroni,

my intention is to backup local PST files on laptops. I therefor set the base user profiles folder on C for file backup paths and included “*\Outlook*” to only backup folders named Outlook in all user profiles.
I consolidated these from “C:\users;C:\Documents and settings” to only “C:\Documents and settings” after I saw, that for Vista/7 systems it backuped the files twice, once using the XP style path, once the 7 style path, because there is a hidden hard or soft link on root and in every user profile to reach these paths old style for backwards compatibility. Now it only backups the files once.

BUT: the statistics say that backups last 1 minute and have 0kb. But the files are there, I can copy them and they work! Something seems to be wrong here but I have no idea what exactly…

It’s not watching the directory for changes correctly, because of that symbolic link/junction. So no new or changed files will be backed up!

I have fixed the problem in a new version:

But it DOES backup files - i see them in Windows Explorer on backup server. Ah - I saw that these files are older than the ones in C:\Users, you´re right. But nevertheless it did backup the files.

This is a new version of the client, isn´t it? Would be nice if the client update already would work for that, but it does not because it is still RC ;-)

It backed up the files the first time and then did not backup the changes. Very dangerous indeed.

I’ve updated the autoupdate urls on the server, the newest server version should use those and perform the autoupdate. (I’ve not tested yet if the silent update works though so it probably doesn’t)

Hi Uroni,

my clients don´t update. Whar is required that automatic updates work?

The server first downloads the new update files from http://update1.urbackup.org/version.txt and http://update1.urbackup.org/UrBackupUpdate.exe .

If it did that correctly the content of C:\Program files\UrBackupServer\version.txt should be 43 . Then it sends the new update to the clients when they went online (so you have to wait one day or something). Then the UrBackup/version.txt file there should be 43 .
Then it asks the user to install, or silently installs the update (untested).

I downloaded manually since the user under which UrBackup runs has no internet privileges. But the files are stored at C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup on my server. Is that path right? I replaced the ones there. Let´s see it silent updates work ;-)

Yes, should be correct. I forgot to mention the signature file. All files there: http://update1.urbackup.org/

AU does not work - but i´ll start another thread for that…