Wrong drive restored - any opportunity to select data drive to restore?

Have tried to restore wit Version 2.1.1 with no success. Claims no server in net, even when IP adress entered and server pingable and accessible via webinterface in LAN. IP Adress is assigned via DHCP - no Network issues.
Version 2.0.3 works and connects to server. However, habe two drives backed up - system with 128 GB and Data with 1 TB. Contents on server mirror hard drive contents.
Whichever drive I choose in restore, the system ist alway restoring the system drive leading to the fact that the 1 TB data is now overwritten with the 128 GB system. Partition size and content of data are now identical to system.
Probably caused by the fact that boot partition (UEFI) is on data drive due to hardware limitations, but than starts system on the 128 GB SSD.
Any idea how to restore data partition? Alternative would be manual creation of partitions and download data drive contents via zip.

Sorry, I can not understand the situation? The restore lets you select to which disk you want to restore to, so select different disks for the different volumes?
Could you post the output of sysvol_test.exe?

You can restore manually via command line: https://urbackup.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/US/pages/2981890/How+to+restore+via+command+line

Yes, I can select the data drive as well as the system drive (Letters C and D). However, the download always delivers drive C. Result are two idential drive C contents on hard disks C and D.
Sysvol_test.exe currently not available due to deletion of all partitions for a rebuild.

Thanks for the fast reply

I am seeing the same issue.

I need to restore D drive. I select D for restore, but I get a duplicate of C. It even resized D down to the size of C.

In my case, C and D are partitions on the same physical drive.

Version 2.4.13.