Works fine in image backup , but slow in file backup

I’ve set up an urbackup server on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1.
When I try to backup files from other client also on the same platform in the first time, I noticed the speed is about 1X.xxxMbit/s, all the machine has a 1Gbs network card and connected to 1Gbs ports on the same switcher and in the same subnetwork.
After read a lot of urbackup, I almost give up to try to make it fast.
My last experiment is try to install the client with the default configuration, then the image backup progress started, the speed is stable at 200+Mbit/s. I wonder why…any reply is appreciated.
Thank you!

Often it is a on-access virus scanner slowing file reads down (try to disable it and see if speed increases).
Or it is backing up a lot of slow files (look at the live log, what it currently backs up). Then it can also be the server slowing things down. So look at Server disk usage (backup storage IOPS is often the main bottleneck).
Most of this is out of the control of UrBackup itself.

Thank you for you attention.
I closed my Kaspersky software, and the backup file is the dmp file by the oracle dump tool. I checked that the dmp files are not being used by any process.

When performing an image backup youl tell the os: start at sector 0 and give me the next xx GB and it will stream the data continously from the disk. A Typical disk may stream with 100, MB/s

When performing an File backup you the os: give me this file and than that file … and the os has to find every file which may be scattered over the disk and you are bound by the IOPs of your disk. A typical disk gives you about 100 IOPs lets say the files are 2KB => 100 x 2 KB => 200 KB/s => 0.2 MB/s

(Hint: SSD disks on your client are WAY faster)

I’m having similar issues with file backups. They only started when I upgraded to server version 2.3.0 beta.
Almost all internet clients seem to be restricted to a speed of 26kbps. It’s definitely not a server setting as I have checked.
One or two clients are backing up much faster but not many. I cannot see anything that makes these clients different from the rest. It makes no difference if the clients are local, internet, Windows, Mac or Linux.
One particular local linux client used to back up so fast I had to limit it to 800Mbps. Now it too runs at 26kbps.

I’m hoping the next server release will fix this.

I do not think OP is using 2.3.0 beta.

My mistake. I seem to have fixed it by replacing my VDSL modem…
I’ve no idea how it affected the local clients as they are on a separate Gigabit switch.

PS. 2.3.0 beta does seem to be the most stable version so far. Not a single crash since upgrading.