Working with Urbackup

So i am using latest urbackup full image creation is working.

Another story is full file backup, i think that is problematic i always manage somehow to reach the end of space on my 2 TB drive, but the partition from which i copy files is 616 GB big, so i am puzzled, yes i know about cleaning stuff with urbackup, what i am actually hopping that urback implement feature which would calculate amount of space for file storage and if there not enough storage it should just refuse the backup procedure for full file backup.
Hope it make sense.

Are you saying running a full file backup on 616Gb of data fills your 2Tb drive when it is empty when you start?
You have to provide some kind of data to support that claim because I have a very hard time believing that.
You can easiely see how much data is stored in the web gui (it is not EXACT, but the sizes you talk about is would be fine). Take that, substract that from the total disk space, in your case 2 TB, remove another 10%. If what is left over fits, it will fit.
But I would really recomend against having that small drive if you have that much data to begin with, get a 4 or 6TB drive.

Let me explain, i do mainly full image storage and on the left over disk space i store incremental files backups and urbackup when you do file storage , urbackup cant resolve the problem of not enough space in advance.
I decided to have separate harddrive or ssd storage for files.