[WIP ZABBIX_TEMPLATE] How in SQLITE database are id linked from tables log and backups/backup_images?


Hi all,

i’m trying to build a Zabbix Template for UrBackup and i’ve found almost all information from the sqlite dbs.

Only one information i don’t find: Link between LOG and BACKUPS/BACKUP_IMAGES tables.
Don’t find any id of log in the backup table and cannot understand how the Web Manager extract data of single Host and single Event.

Any help?



I think i’ve done today but no. I try another time but i can’t understand relactions.

in backups the id 62 i see corrispond to logs 68 watching the backup date and in log_data there is only log/logid with same numbers (1 1 - 2 2… no relations 62 - 68)

Any help?