WinPE restore CD

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Do you still need a WinPE Restore CD ? I’ve build some in the past (with some nice Qt user interface).
It’s very usefull to have a WinPE Restore CD to handle some “fake RAID” hardware with no driver available on Linux ( like some HP / Dell servers).

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Would be great! The new restore React Web UI should make this easier (no need to develop separate user interface).

At first glance this is what would need to be done:

  • Get it to compile using Visual Studio on your end
  • Add Windows versions to functions such as e.g. (that one returns all disks)
  • On Windows PE boot start the background service with args.txt contents plus --restore_mode true. Then another instance with --plugin httpplugin.dll --restore_http true --http_server true --http_root restorewww --http_localhost_only 1
  • The react app at restorewww (and http backend) might have to be adjusted such that it e.g. doesn’t ask for keyboard layout or doesn’t try to restore to smaller disks via spill disk on Windows
  • On PE boot start edge in app mode pointing to
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Yes. I can adapt the getdrive/getpartition methods easily but maybe a bit harder to resize the partition using pure win32 api… I have to dig this part.

No problem

I don’t have any experience on React app. Help needed here :slight_smile:

No problem.

That part wouldn’t be necessary. The current restore CD can’t do it and I just added it to the dev version.

Pushed the necessary changes. Not tested yet.

Hi there and happy new year.

I’m so sorry but I did not work on the subject at all because of lack of time… I hope to manage some free time on this new year.

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I was looking into helping develop the WinPE backup process. Have you had any chance to work on it?

From my side, I haven’t heard of any progress. The information in this thread should still apply.