Windows XP Backups


I know that ver. 2.x of the client does not support windows XP. However, can i use version 1.x client on my ver 2.1.19 server? If so, what are the short comings of doing this if any?

There are a couple of machines that i need to be able to backup due to expensive lab software running that my company can not yet replace so upgrading OS is not currently an option.


I am using the 1.4.11 client with both XP and windows 2003 on a 2.1.19 server. Both image and file backups appear to be working.

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Thanks for the info. Ill give it a go!


Do you know where i can find the client, the sourcefourge link i found doesnt seem to have a windows executable.

Alex Duarte


It does not backup file metadata (such as last file modification time) and is not able to restore files+ their metadata.