Windows Image Restore via USB iso start restore and it just dies into the restore

I have Windows Image I am trying to restore to a laptop. It starts fine. I see in the UrBackup Interface it is doing the restore. The client booted from the USB is restoring the backup. It then dies on the server and the client still shows it is running, but the server shows it stopped. The client is just stays at the same % and never changes. The client is not hung. I have tried it a few times. It stops at any range of number 23GB and 97GB. I am not sure how to get the restore to complete. Hopefully someone has a solution.

I think it might have something to do with the restore speed. It seems to be trying 557Mbps. I think that is too fast for the restore. How can I slow down the restore?

Thanks in advance.

I changed the Internet max speeds to 100000 and that seems to do the trick. The wording on them makes it seem as if that is only for backups. So far it is still going this time.

What was the orginal system backup (OS)? we have seen this… when restoring a Windows PC, we had to boot the restore in UEFI mode which appeared to have fixed the issue. We seem to notice it died 22mins in to the restore (what ever speed it was restoring at).