[Windows] How does urBackup behave with a non-privileged user?

I mean: The setup itself does not ask for admin permissions, it simply fails:

Fixed with “Run as…”.

But now Im asking myself: Does silent client backups are working in that case?


Weird, it asks here. I even put it on an USB stick and got a UAC dialog. Is admin a different user in your case?

If you mean silent updates… those are run from the service which runs at system priviledge usually.

Admin is not the user from I started install. The setup even does not has the „Admin-Shield“ icon in the lower corner which informs you, that this exe needs Admin privileges.

Doesnt worked on multiple non-privileged accounts.

The Admin account is enabled with its own password which I have to enter after right-click → Run As Admin.

Maybe the installer is missing something?

But good to know silent updates should work.

Hi KluthR,

You can change the settings in Windows to modify the behaviour or UAC. The default settings are that when a application like UrBackup needs elevated rights, it will ask the user to grant these rights. But you can change this behaviour with a single registry setting to auto-deny any application request for elevated access for non-privilliged users.

For some customers this is a setting we push to all pc’s through a GPO to prevent them from even attempting to install a piece of software on their machines (which we don’t want users to do).

In the Group Policy Editor you should find the setting under: Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options. the setting is called ’ User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users’ . We usually set this to ‘Automatically deny elevation requests’. Perhaps this setting is also set in your environment?

Yes, every app did this, except for UrBackup setup (see image above). Any other installer asked so far. I dont know whats different inside the UrBackup exe.

If it matters: its the generated exe for internet clients.