Windows firewall not configured correctly by setup

I have installed the current UrBackup Client (2.2.6) on several clients. On some of them I get the following Problem.

  1. The clients a successfully discovered by the server.
  2. The first backup is made.
  3. On the following day the client is not shown as online, although it is.

I found out that it has to do with the Windows Firewall.

I fixed the problem by changing the network type to office and had to allow UrBackupClientBackend in the Windows Firewall for Home/Office network:


It would be nice if this, would work out of the box. Especially that the first backup worked, but the following not is confusing.

I think it adds a firewall exception for the currently running network during installation. Did it not do that?

It seems that all PCs where I got this problem where switch to public network. The installed added the firewall exception for the public network at least on some PCs, but it did not work (beside the first backup). I know switched the office network and enabled the firewall exception by hand.
I will see if this still works tomorrow :slight_smile: