Windows disk used space is duplicated

Hi all!
URbackup is really suitable for our company to backup FILES. It works like a charm :slight_smile:
But when i install UR server version for Windows, i detect that the space to store backup files is increase too fast although i configure to use incremetal method. Each incremental job copies all existed files plus new files, so the total required space for each client is many times as big as its size.
Is it a bug or windows version is built for testing purpose only?
Thank you

It’s a bug in how Windows calculates the space used. (Windows isn’t alone in this. It comes from using a quick, overly-simplified method of counting the space used.) Look at the total used and free space on the drive before and after backups for an accurate picture.

UrBackup uses an effective deduplication method that appears to create full backups out of each incremental backup without actually saving multiple copies of the file contents. It shows the contents of the backed-up files and folders as they appeared on the Client at the time of the backup, building that view out of files saved once during previous backups. If a file does not change there is no need to copy or save it again.

UrBackup is a mature product you can trust for daily production use.

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