Windows Components on the new Server/Clients Versions

Hello you all

After upgrading the Server to 2.5.25 and the clients to 2.5.19, the last available versions the windows components configurations are lost and we are unable to setting it back on again…

At the ‘Select Windows components to backup’, we have select the diferent components we what to add to the backup set like we done before, but afterwords, the components are not backed up.
A closer look to the setup, shows that there are no ‘checked to backup’ components anymore, as soon as we save and close de ‘Select Windows components to backup’ the settings just go way!

Another thing is missing in this 'new clien’t is the ORACLE DB agent component.

Anyone find a workaround for this?
Thks in advc

Just a quick update!

Like someone wright somewhere here at the forum the ‘old’ 2.4.11 Client version work together with the new Server version
Just rollback to that version until better news.


With the ‘new’ Server2.5.26/client 2.5.20 versions the problem remains the same

This is fixed with Server 2.5.27 with Client 2.5.21