Windows clients no longer connecting to linux server

Server is Ubuntu 22.04 (now). Server was Ubuntu 16.04. Same problem has persisted unchanged through updates.

Around 2 months ago, I used apt-get update on the server (16.04). Thereafter, clients are no longer able to connect. The client log has a long series of “Clientservice cmd: STATUS DETAIL#PW=”.

Server log has a similar long series of “Connecting to ClientService of failed: sending identity to client failed, retrying soon…” and “Sending Identity to client failed. Retrying in 60s…”.

I’ve tried updating the client in place, as well as completely uninstalling and reinstalling the client. Even using the personalized client software downloaded from the server.

As of now, server is 2.5.31; client is 2.5.24. (and 2.5.23, and 2.4.11, for other clients I haven’t been experimenting with).
client_debug_.log (69.5 KB)
server_urbackup_.log (7.4 KB)

Have you made sure the server_idents.txt matches the one from the server?
When reinstalling, I’m not sure the file gets replaced if you did not delete it beforehand if that was the problem.