Windows Client not working anymore

Recently i installed UrBackup in our Little Enterprise and it worked very well. Then my Boss had the idea (heaven knows why) to reset his PC to an earlier state with a Windows restore Point. Since then his Client don’t find the Server anymore.
Could anyone tell me what i have to do to reenable UrBackup on his PC?

You could try to delete

“server_idents.txt” and

on the client in the urbackup installation path.
The client should rediscover the server that way.
If this doesnt succeed, just try to reinstall the client - this worked for various problems on our side.

Also, try to add the Client manually on the Server (on the bottom of the status page)

Delete the files you mentioned had no effect, but after reinstalling the Client everything worked fine again.
Thanks a lot for the help.

you’re welcome :slight_smile: