Windows Client going to Standby while Backup running

Hi Community,

as stated in the title I have problems with backups failing because my Windows 11 Notebook goes to standby/sleep while client is busy doing a backup job.

Researching this problem I found out that Urbackup client should be blocking Windows from entering standby, but somehow in my case this isn’t working. I found some (very) old posts in this forum where people are experiencing the same issue, but those threads didn’t provide solutions.

Does anybody know how to fix this or at least how to start troubleshooting? Is there some option on the client or server I have to change in order to fix this?

Apart from this small issue I am really happy and impressed with UrBackup! Thanks for this amazing software!


Might have been fixed with client 2.5.23. Are you using that one or later?

Thanks for the quick answer!

My client is 2.5.23. It’s the one my server offers for download. Server version is 2.5.31