Windows client configure from command line

I’m trying to create a silent installer that only needs configuring of the auth key manually by techs and everything else is already preconfigured, would also like internet only by default for encryption. This is easy with macs (except for the internet only, btw, how do you do that on macos?)…

“/Applications/UrBackup” set-settings -k internet_mode_enabled -v true -k internet_server -v -k internet_server_port -v 55415

…but on a windows machine, I believe this is how you would do it, but it never configures the client, why?..

“C:\Program Files\UrBackup\UrBackupClient_cmd.exe” set-settings -k internet_mode_enabled -v true -k internet_server -v

:: set internet only for compression and encryption
echo --internet_only_mode> “c:\Program Files\UrBackup\extra_args_0.txt”
echo true>> “c:\Program Files\UrBackup\extra_args_0.txt”

net stop UrBackupClientBackend
net start UrBackupClientBackend


Why are you not just using the enable_internet_only.bat file that ships with UrBackup? Perhaps I am missing part of your question here?

That won’t work as silent install because it has a pause at the end, but that part works anyways. Its the set-settings that doesn’t work.

Were you able to make it work for a remote silent install?
I am trying to do the same…
Install and configure:
-Connect to the server
-Select Default folder

The rest of configuration it should get from the Server side…

any help?