Windows client bare metal restore with file based backups

I’d like to use file based backups exclusively for a number of similar Windows 10 (mostly) client machines, and I’m looking at various options at the moment.

I already use a few different Linux backup systems, and the newer ones both use btrfs for file storage - allowing file-level granularity (for easy partial restores, and comparisons), with history using btrfs subvolume snapshots, and also btrfs de-duplication, and compression too.

I noticed that Burp (which I believe is a file based backup system), documents a bare metal restore process, and I was wondering if a similar process would be possible for UrBackup (avoiding image based backups entirely)?

(Google for: “burp baremetal windows” if you’d like to have a look at the baremetal restore docs).



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This might actually work with 2.0.x, though you’ll be the first to try.

One problem might be that UrBackup currently does not backup or restore hard links with the file backup and there are a lot of hard links in C:\Windows\winsxs. Idk if burp restores those properly. This will probably just cause more space usage after restore.

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Sorry to dig out an old thread but I am also interested in this.
Has anyone tried it already?

It would be interesting because I also like using hardlinks to sort files with windows.
If a restore does not care about them, I might run into a problem during restore because of insufficient capacity…