Windows 2000

I am running a the server on windows 7. Most of my clients are also windows 7 and then some xp but I have a couple clients that are running windows 2000 and windows server 2000 that I need to backup. Is there any way I can use urbackup for those?

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Sorry. Would be possible. But only with a rather large effort. Issues:

[:2qza727s]UrBackup is compiled using Visual Studio 2010 using those redistributables: . As you can see it does not support Windows 2000.[/:2qza727s]
[:2qza727s]UrBackup uses the Volume Shadow Copying service added in Windows XP to do the consistent file and image backups. This would therefore be not possible without writing a driver on Windows 2000.[/:2qza727s]
[:2qza727s]MSDNAA does not give access to Windows 2000 (because it is EOL). So I would not be able to test.[/:2qza727s]