Windows 11 Pro client stopps reporting in

Hi, have quiet a few Windows PCs working, one just stopped reporting in, the LAN appears ok, i can access the server from that PC, the client however is just offline, it was working fine. What log files do i check on the client?

Would prefer not to loose backup data for this client (by removing and re-adding, assuming that works)

The logs on the local PC show it backed up ok the last time, then just never did another backup… trying to do a backup from the server lists it as “failed”, does this have anything to do with IPv4 / IPv6?

All other PCs show up as IPv4 however i remember some were IP v6, none are showing that now, so wonder if they have vanished for what ever reason…

I think we figured this out…

  • The backup client was installed and working
  • At some point we noticed the 2 clients PCs were connected to the “public” network, this is likely as we use 172 subnet, so it was changed to Private
  • It appears from this change the client then stopped working
  • Checking the firewall rules we noticed the UrBackup entry was set to PUBLIC only, likely as that was the connect network profile at the time when it was installed
  • We changed the firewall rule to all 3 (Public + Private etc…) and now the client works again

So looks like the Windows firewall was blocking the traffic as that rule was only going to work on the Public network profile, once the PC was moved to PRIVATE, the rule stopped working !!!

Ive seen this network profile thing be a problem on a few servers in the past, they flip from DOMAIN to PUBLIC or Private, both creating havoc on the LAN with access to the server for services like domain activities.