Windows 10 LAN client won't connect to server - thinks it's an internet client

I am having an issue getting a LAN client to connect to my server, internet clients are working just fine - and I have a laptop I just set up yesterday without issues on LAN.

I had this client set up previously, only I had to start from scratch with the server and clients after my internet dropped and nothing would connect. I’ve since deleted it and waited for the cleanup period so it was properly removed.

Right now as it stands, when I install the client on Windows, everything goes smoothly til it try to connect to the server, I do not have Internet Client checked off and I only enter the LAN IP for the server, yet the client eventually comes up saying no internet server configured.

I’ve gone through the registry to remove and any all trace of urbackup from my Windows client, still no joy.

The client is set to be discovered on it’s own, which in the web interface the server sees the client, the logs show “Sending Identity to client failed”

Client: WIndows 10 Home 19042.804 with client 2.4.11
Server: Synology NAS docker version uroni/urbackup-server:latest

Try to add firewall application exception
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="app name" dir=in action=allow program="Full path of .exe" enable=yes
or via GUI.

It’s not a firewall problem, I did add all the relevant .exe file(s) to the firewall just in case, but on the server under network discovery it does see the Windows client by host name and has Yes under Online. It just isn’t able to connect for whatever reason. The only other thing I haven’t done yet is reboot the docker on my NAS that the server is on (backups are going for other machines).

For some reason it keeps expecting to be an internet client and not local. Nowhere on the Windows client have I enabled internet backups and the IP I entered for the server is a LAN IP. This method worked flawlessly for my laptop, picked the server right up just using the IP and port. I used the same installer on both systems.

If I DO try to connect to the server as an internet backup, I get an authentication error from unknown system (that error isn’t verbatim).

Just as another update, thinking it was a problem with the client - I reinstalled Windows (I have other backups). Still the same issue which narrows it down to the server being the problem.

I’m hoping that simply rebooting the NAS itself my fix this, but I’m not so sure - restarting the Docker does nothing for the situation so my only other option is rebooting the NAS.
The server does have other backups on it, so I’d rather not have to reinstall it.

The main problem seems to be a socket error 113.

Any assistance here Uroni?

That equates to “No route to host”, it’ll be something to do with the network configuration.
Doubt I can help much, I’ve no experience with Docker, or NAS units. Quite a few setups put wired & wireless on different subnets though, & there the solution tends to be to use internet mode.

It ended up being an issue with the NAS itself, rebooting the NAS fully fixed the problem - it wasn’t enough to just restart the docker.