Window Defender and Sophos Home both report Urbackup as severe threat

Alert Level : Severe
Status: Quarantined
Date 4/19/2019

Recommened action: Remove threat now
Catagory: Virus
Details: This program is dangerous and replicates by infecting other files.

Affected items: file: F:\Urbackup\urbackup_tmp_files\1

Ok, getting these warnings from Windows Defender and Sophos Home Premium on two different computers.
Downloaded my server and client from Am I getting false positives or is something going on. Downloaded and installed yesterday.

If you read that red message in the background you’ll see that UrBackup server complains about F:\UrBackup not being excluded from on-access virus scanning. To check that it writes a virus test file (that’s why it says Test_File in the virus description
So you should exclude at least F:\Urbackup\urbackup_tmp_files from on-access scanning.

Thank You