Will UrBackup Transition to Official Linux Repositories such as apt?

Hi UrBackup Community,

I’m wondering if there is a planned transition in the roadmap to migrate UrBackup Client package from a downloadable file on the UrBackup web to official linux repositories. For example, on Windows, you can install the client using Choco. I find it ironic that UrBackup is installed like a Windows Software (from the web) on Linux, but when it’s installed on Windows, it’s installed like a Linux package.

This is holding me back from entering into the community, I’m looking to add it as part of my team’s backup solution on top of Proxmox Backup Server. PBS backs up Virtual Machines in our infrastructure but I’m hoping to have our Linux workstations backed up using UrBackup instead of Duplicity/DejaDup. I love DejaDup but managing it remotely isn’t nearly as easy and it doesn’t have the deduplication features that UrBackup has- something I have searched for in FOSS since using Veeam.

Thanks everyone, I would love to see an apt install urbackup-client package made available, even with a custom repository, would greatly help with rolling out this solution.


Simple, Dan_Franciscus added urbackup to chocolatey. Nobody added urbackup to Debian (though it easier to add package it for Chocolatey or say FreeBSD than Debian).

See here on how to package it for debian.