Wikipedia page for UrBackup

I’ve just created a Wikipedia page for UrBackup, however it was almost immediately threatened with deletion on the basis of “lack of notability” and inadequate references.

Personally I think that policy is a bit Draconian, given that any new article needs time to be developed, just as any new product needs time to gain notability. If the Encyclopedia Britanica had been predicated on the basis of “notability”, it would have been truncated down to a single volume. Surely the whole point of an encyclopedia is to expose uncommonly known facts, not act as a sort of billboard for the popular consciousness.

If some kind people would take a few minutes to add some details to that page, it might save it from the pitchfork-wielding mob that wants to burn it. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Whoever added installation instructions for CentOS there isn’t helping…

Not guilty.

I think UrBackup definitely deserve a Wikipedia page.
Here are few articles that discuss UrBackup, it may help with the proof of notability:

1 -

2 -

3 - And softopedia has some tiny review if it of any worth:

Whoever copy & pasted the feature list (badly) from there isn’t helping …

(It’s an encyclopedia not a website replacement) (I know @Homer didn’t do it – he has a Wikipedia user account :wink: )

I added the above external links.