Why my incrementals get deleted?

Running server 2.1.19 on FreeNAS jail.
I have plenty of space, but my oldest incrementals keep getting deleted and I dont know why.
My settings are default:
interval for incremental file backup: 5 hours
interval for full file backup: 7 days
maximal number of incremental file backups: 100
minimal number of incremental file backup: 40
maximal number of full file backup: 10
minimal number of full file backup: 2

But I only have about 44 incrementals, the old ones always get deleted.
So, my oldest incremental is about 9 days old.

Not sure why they keep getting deleted, I was expecting 100 incrementals, just as the default config says.

I noticed that my incrementals are being removed for only some of my clients.
Again, this only happened with some clients but I was a little alarmed.
I know this is not supposed to happen but it definitely happened to me also. See the attached screenshots for client SimonBury.
It seems to be when the minimal number of incrementals is reached. So in your case when the total is greater than 40.
I stopped it deleting by increasing the minimal number to equal the maximal…
I plan on waiting for the next release then reducing my minimal setting again to test it.

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Thanks, thats a good suggestion, I will do the same for now.

Was that the nightly clean-up ? (Because it’s at 14:57)

But the nightly clean-clean up should delete unknown stuff right? not incrementals I guess?
How can we figure out if the clean up deleted them for some reason?

Yes it was the nightly cleanup. I know it wasn’t night time but it was at the time when the image backup kept crashing the server. I was clutching at straws while trying to figure out what was causing the crashes and wanted to rule out storage space issues etc.

Could you please upload a debug level server log file of one such clean-up?

@hippy1970 You are using the beta version. Does this only occur with this version?

The log is consistent with the clean-up creating a defined amount of free space (like global soft quota or manual clean-up or emergency clean up). Are you sure?

Actually you’re right. I was running a clean up before restarting the server after the backup service failed.
Incidentally, it failed again this morning. The first time since I turned off image backups. So maybe it’s related to capacity and not the image backup directly. (off topic I know, sorry)

I’ll sort through my logs and PM you a copy.