Why is my IP Changing

When I Came in this morning. I noticed that my backups stopped over the weekend. As I was troubleshooting it. I noticed that my IP changed on my “Server Status” Page. The IP changed to my Backup server IP. All my server IPs are static so I am a little confused about why this would happen. Also, how do I revert my IP back to the original? Not sure if this is a bug or an End User Error.

One More Thing: Where is the Linux uninstaller located.

Thank you in Advance.

I wasn’t aware that UrBackup would change the IP address at any time…

That makes two of us.

What was your IP address changed to?

(You can/should sanitize your output)

Well at least if they answer it’ll tell us if it’s an internal (LAN) or external (WAN) IP that changed, which is the question I was going to ask, neither of which I can see any mechanism for UrBackup causing to change, but it’ll inform passible troubleshooting steps to try to determine what did.

UrBackup is broken now.
System: - Windows- Server - Ubuntu 20.04 Server - UrBackup Server

Yesterday, When I walked in my Ubuntu Server backup did not launch and the IP address was wrong. It was looking at my UrBackup Server. Today I walked in and now my Windows-Server Backup is now running on IP and is erroring out. I have not touched anything. My Windows server backup has been running for over a month no problem. Looks like tomorrow I am doing a teardown tomorrow on this

OK 10. being internal LAN IP addresses, the next question is, are the static assignments made individually on the machine, or by reservations in your DHCP server by MAC address?

Something has gone wrong with the setup, I’d suspect a rogue Windows update switching to automatic addressing (it’s default) before I’d suspect UrBackup though in the first case, since the program makes no settings itself, just uses what’s set.

In the second I’d go verify that the reservations haven’t got messed up somehow.


Thank you for the response. The Servers are hardcoded static IPs and the DHCP range starts at 100 and the IPs for the Servers and also reversed. I have not run any Windows server updates for 2 weeks now. I will look back at my DHCP.

Thank you for your input. It is much appreciated.

OK, I think I found the problem. @Bearded_Blunder mentioned DHCP. I knew the DHCP was fine but triggered me to look at DNS and Hostnames. There is where I found things got misplaced. Fixed it. Removed my clients from UrBackup and from the clients servers. Reissued the scripts to my clients and this time I used IP instead of hostname or FQDN. Which I always found as best practice, but didn’t practice it here.

Thank you for the help everyone.

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You’re welcome.

That’s interesting. I usually connect to the servers by name, not IP.