Why backing up non-selected dirs?

I almost have my first setup of UrBackup working comfortably.

But of the 4 clients I’ve set up (all Linux), nearly all show errors in the logs related to files & directories that I did not specify in the File Backups Default Directories (neither for the default, nor for any of the clients’ separate settings).

For example (CentOS 7 client):

Creating snapshot of “/usr/share/X11/fonts/Type1” failed|
Calculated size of logical volume is 0 extents. Needs to be larger.
Creating snapshot of “/boot/grub2/grub.cfg” failed
Volume group “md126p1” not found

And on another (Ubuntu 16):

Creating snapshot of “/run” failed
Could not find LVM volume for mountpoint /run

I’ve only indicated /etc;/home;/var as the directories to backup in both cases, so why am I seeing things from /run, /usr, /boot etc. in the error log?


I think you enabled snapshotting, read the doc to disable it , you need to edit some txt file
Also if you follow symlink , you can get error for stuff out of your backup path, read the doc to disable follow symlinks

On Ubuntu, /var/run is a symlink to /run/, so as @orogor pointed out, you most likely have follow symlinks enabled, which then tries to create a snapshot for /run, which is not supported on tmpfs.