Which port?


i am using urbackup also on a remote location (over the internet)
when i instaiing the client it automaticly opens the firewall on my remote windows server.
which port is that

i want to remove the auto created firewallrule and replace it for my own rule
which port has to be opened on CLIENT side ???

on the server side its 55415 …but the client ???
i tried also TCP 55415
but then i get : Connecting Channel to ClientService failed - CONNECT error -55
Connecting to ClientService of “SERVER1” failed: Error sending ‘running’ ping to client

can you please HELP me ??
many thanks in advance

55414–>for Web Page Administration (The Server Settings)
55415–>for Data

I’ve added it to the admin manual. Till I update the web page:

55413 FastCGI
55414 HTTP
55415 Internet clients
35623 UDB broadcasts (sending)

35622 UDP broadcasts (receiving)
35623 Commands/Image backups
35621 File backups

I am using Windows Front end, what port I need to use?

In back end I I am using port number 55413. If I use this port number in front end, it connects to back end but when front end sends “STATUS” cmd, back end is not responding and front end shows socket IO error.

I am using back end(server) as client.
Please help.