Which HTTPD server?

I’ve installed server on RHEL 7 and I’m backing up clients and that’s great. But now I want to encrypt the webinterface traffic. I would like to follow the manual but…

Silly question, what httpd server is urbackup running? ( from uroni repo) ?

My RHEL 7 install was “minimal” and did not include a httpd server.



Don’t know what webserver is used.
You can put an NginX reverse proxy before the HTTP web site, but this doesn’t encrypt the backup data itself.
I do think I saw somewhere that that data is encrypted by the client before sending it over the backup port.

But I would like to be able to put the backup data stream also behind an NginX reverse proxy (on port 443). That way it wouldn’t be blocked by firewalls at my clients.


You will probably want to have a look at 4.2 Make web interface accessible via SSL in the admin manual ( https://www.urbackup.org/administration_manual.html#x1-200004.2 ).
It uses a bare bone internal HTTP server.

I have thought about implementing this. You are the first one to ask for it though. You could create a feature request thread, so I can get more of an idea on how to priorize this.

Well it makes sense, the password is sent via clear text, and you can access the files in your backups which leaves your data exposed to someone MITM’ing.

You’ll have to be more specific. @XiteHosting caused this thread to be about two different issues, so now you have to specify which issue you are talking about :wink: