Which command I need to restore file for linux client

Now I have file backup for linux server it backup to the server well, but I have stuck how to restore the file to client.

Now I have Backup Home folder and in that folder have one file name jack.log
I need to restore jack.log to /home/restore folder which command I need to use ?

Now i use urbackupclientctl restore-start -b last -m “/home/jack.log” -t “/home/restore”

when I enter that command it will start

[root@localhost home]# urbackupclientctl restore-start -b last -m “/home/jack.log” -t “/home/restore”
Starting restore. Waiting for backup server… done
[========> ] 11% 118.545 MB/1.01273 GB at 15.4 KBit/s

It look they restore all of the backup I looking in server web interface please see the upload picture

so I see logs in web server interface it show like this

what I have do wrong please suggest the command I am very confuse with -m -t -d

Thank you.


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I also do not understand these command line switches. The -h output is helpful but I still don’t know how a clean restore command should look like.

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