When will backup encryption be implemented on your backup

Some backup applications carry out the encryption process of the backup copies that are generated through them, the ur backup application being when this happens, since when making a backup the files are moved in encrypted form to a destination storage but They are not encrypted with a password to make your storage more robust.

When will this suggestion be implemented in Urbackup Server?

I know it’s something already discussed, and maybe already in the pipeline.

But personally I dont mind. I store my backups on a luks encryped volume anyway, and obviously make sure the server is not accessable by anyone but me though SSL, no other ports other then 55415 are open on the server. If someone physically steals the storage server, they’ll have a unusable data volume.

Out of curiosity; How do you feel adding encryption to the backups themselfs would make the backups more robust? In my mind encrypting the individual files\image backups would require more overhead, would make incremental backups much more complicated as you’ll need to decrypt the older backups to check for changes while making a new backup (and encrypting that one).

What about uploading/saving images to the cloud? As I understand it, URB encrypts the data in transit, but the images are not encrypted sitting on some cloud server. Is there another way to ensure security of cloud-based images?