What is the purpose of Groups?

If you add a client to a group, do the settings get applied from that group? It seems the only way to update a client’s settings is to check the box “Separate settings for this client”. Are the groups just there to set initial settings for new clients?

Groups are mode so that you change the settings of many clients at the same time
Think of the it guy who has 50 desktop +50 laptops + 10 server, of coworkers to backup (you manage that as a 3 groups) and manage only 3 different sets of settings
Then there s the CxO/vip who will want special care to be taken of their laptop. (you don’t put them in group and use separate settings for this client)

That’s what I thought, but when I would add a client to a group their settings were not updating to the group settings. I think it may be due to a possible bug.

If at anytime you select “Separate settings for this client” and then deselect the option and change the group of the client, the client will retain the previous settings and not the group settings. Not sure if this is by design or not.