What is the average speed of your backups in megabytes per second?

What’s the avg while backing up videos and pictures?
What’s the avg while backing up documents and other files?

I’m just wondering since the backup software I use now is giving me 2.6 MBps backup speed on videos and I have ~400 GB to back up. If this post is not appropriate for posting here please let me know and I will remove it!

Answers to that will vary widely by system specs, storage type, server specs and if the client is local (LAN) or remote & backing up over the internet. I’m not sure what use random numbers that work in setups probably quite different from yours will be to you.

I haven’t particularly tried to average, though the internet backup of a remote client that happens to be running right now appears to (currently, it varies a lot) be running at ~34Mbps which would equate to a bit over 4MBps, other times it slows right down to virtually zero, I couldn’t say what file types it’s currently doing though.

Looking at my logs a local (LAN) backup of a recorded 500MB (mixed files) is shown as having taken 44 minutes.

I have observed that I get better performance for clients with fewer larger files than those with tens or hundreds of thousands of tiny files, especially for creating user views after the backup reaches an indicated 100%, for those clients I actually see faster performance & backup times if I do disk images rather than file backups. I have a less than ideal setup though, with the server database on a spinning drive & USB storage.

Sorry for not being more clear, I’m still pretty new at this whole backup thing. I’m looking for speeds on backing up to a local external hdd over USB 3. I’m using a WD Elements 2TB external HDD. I’m just looking for your guess at your average speed with Urbackup.

Thank you for responding!

Well since I’m also using USB3 attached storage (multi-drive RAID enclosure) I’d imagine your transfer rate would be similar to what I’m seeing for local clients over gigabit LAN. So about 3/4 of an hour for a 500GB backup as a guess.

UrBackup is really designed to back up multiple computers to a server running 24/7 with storage that’s always connected, while you certainly can use it for the job you describe, it might be a bit of a sledge-hammer to crack a nut, for something that simple something more basic might be better suited. I use it to back up several PCs here & two family members’ computers at other addresses, so the complexity is worth it.

Can I ask what software you’re using now? Does what you’re using support compressing backups, & if so, is compression set on or off? Video & pictures (jpg) are already compressed & trying to compress them again wastes time for little gain, other documents, Word Excel etc. compress well, but tend to be small anyway, you might see some improvement simply by disabling compression in whatever you’re currently using.

Right now I’m using Duplicati with compression off. I’m also encrypting my backup with aes256. Ive tweaked my setup a bit since I posted first, and now I’m getting ~4 MBps

Hmm, well UrBackup doesn’t support encryption, to get encrypted backups you’d basically have to use BitLocker or something similar on the destination drive. Encryption itself might be part of the issue, depending how optimally it’s been implemented too. It can be quite some overhead unless your CPU supports aes instructions directly. You can find that out using something like CPU-Z or googling the specific processor model.

Mik2G, what did you tweaked in your setup to reach the 4MBps? I am too getting only 2.6 MBps. Thanks.

If you’re using Windows clients or server, check if the antivirus is scanning everything as it flows through… That doesn’t help speeds.

I turned zip-compression-level to 0