What is Maximal number of incremental image backups mean?

I don’t understand what Maximal number of incremental image backups means. Does it mean how many backups it can do daily?

I’m trying to make it so it only keeps one copy of my data on the server but it seems like it is keeping multiple copy’s of my data per computer I have linked.

I thought that the setting Maximal number of incremental image backups was my solution by just making it one but I am not sure.

I you can help Thanks

The Maximal and Minimal numbers are used during the daily Cleanup. The Cleanup process goes through the database for each Client and counts the numbers of Full File, Incremental File, Full Image, and Incremental Image backups. The count includes all backups for a Client, not just those done in a certain period such as a day. These numbers are then compared to the matching upper and lower limit values, known as the Maximal and Minimal backup settings.

For example, if the count of Incremental Image backups is higher than the Maximal Image backup limit, then older Incremental Image backups are deleted. Note: The Archive settings can prevent a particular backup from being deleted, in which case the process tries to select the next older candidate for deletion. This process continues until a Client has no more than the Maximal number of that type of backup and no fewer than the matching Minimal number of backups, or Archive rules prevent deleting any more backups of that type. This applies to Incremental Image Backups and both types of File backups.

Full Image backups are a special case. When deleting Full Image backups, the Incremental Image backups that are based on that Full backup are also deleted because Image Incrementals cannot be restored without the matching Full Image. If deleting a Full Image backup would cause the number of Incremental Image backups to fall below the Minimal Incremental Image backup limit, then the Full Image backup cannot be deleted.

The full sequence of the Daily Cleanup is more complicated than this brief explanation. Cleanup also may delete backups to obey Global storage quotas or relative and absolute Client storage quotas. It also collects storage statistics and handles clearing expired Archive tags. All of these settings give the Backup Operator the ability to tune the backup retention process to the specific needs of the user or organization being backed up.

In most cases the default settings work well, once the list of files to be backed up is chosen. Storage is inexpensive relative to the cost of business interruption, and UrBackup is very efficient in using that storage, so most users won’t need to spend much time tuning the many available settings.