What does the Archive setting do?

Can someone explain to me what is the exact behavior of the Archive setting in the UrBackup Server.


The archive setting is to prevent the server cleanup from deleting those back-ups.
Adding to that, you can also specify a retention period for the archive setting, so that it unarchives after a certain amount of time, thus allowing the server to clean it up.

I have the following setup:
Hourly, 2 hourly or 5 hourly incremental back-ups (depending on the client).
Only 20 of those are allowed to be on the server, so depending on how long the client was online, they can go back one or two days in x hour incrementals.
In the night, the server cleans up the incremental back-ups above 20, until only 20 remain.

Then the archiving comes in to play.
I have multiple archives set up. 1 per day, keep for 2 weeks.
1 per week, keep for x months.
1 per month, keep for x years
and so on.

This allows the client to have a recent back-up in hour incrementals. This is useful for documents they are working on at that time. (They only lose an hour to 5 hours of work).
After the 20 incrementals, they still have one backup per day, some per month, … to restore items they have lost over time.

Hope this clears is it up :slight_smile:


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