What does deleting .directory_pool folder does?

Can i delete .directory_pool folder as it take almost 3 times the space of backup.
I tried running remove_unknown script from program files still nothing.

It s the full folders who didnt changedf between backups , very bad idea to delete it.

But if backup folders size is 60 GB then .directory_pool folder will be about 200Gb It is occupying too much space on our storage. is there any solution for this?

It depends, if you can restore 1 version, there might be something wrong , but if you can restore 100 versions, it s reasonable.

Sorry i did not understand.

Is this normal??

Hi that means most of your data doesn’t change between backups.

If the original data to backup is 60gb, maybe there s a cleanup bug. Please make sure to update to latest server version, then stop the server, then run remove unknown script. You need to that only once.

We have already installed ver 2.2.11 and already ran the remove unknown script but issue still persist. Is there any new version available?

There no more recent version. Can you confirm the original data to backup from CTIL18010 is 60GB?


It’s 38 GB now.


Seems the issue got resolved when i ran remove unknown again.

Thank you for your support.