What are some best practices for setup?

Hello all, I was just wondering what some best practices on having a server side config for backups would be? Right now I am only backingup files from C:\Users, and then excluding *.pst, *.ost, as it causes some people to have 15-20gb incrementals (we use gmail for our provider, so most all emails are stored there anyways). I turned off symlink, as it looked like it was causing C:\ProgramData to backup as well. I also set incremental to be every 24 hours, with a maximum of 5 incremental backups, though it does not seem to be doing that, I see a bunch happening?

How are other people settings things up to minimize network traffic, and optimize storage usage while still getting and keeping important things?

If you want to minimize network traffic set the file transfer mode in advanced to block differences - hashed.

If you want to optimize storage usage you need a deduping and compressing file system, e.g. ZFS (with FreeNAS), btrfs or Windows Server 2012. That way you can backup the pst files without problems.

I don’t usually care much about how many backups it keeps (so I set max backups to a high number). It deletes them when it runs out of storage and if it cannot it sends you a mail. That way you are using the available storage to keep the maximum amount of backups around.

I have server 2012 I am running, which is then connected to a QNap via ISCSI. Is it possible to update the PST’s without doing the entire thing all at once time?