Website timeout

Where is the setting for the website time out, and can I change it? The web ui times out and forces me to re-login too often. I would like to increase the timeout please.


How long do you think the timeout is?

Because, I think it s more that some parts of the UI force a logout, like the urbackup logo top left (maybe replace it with logout button), i can work a few hours without being logued out if i dont click on it.

I never click on that logo, there is no need to. The timeout can be a few minutes, can be 15 mins. It seems random to me. All I know is that I don’t want to have to keep logging in as the admin. Let me set a timeout for users, but let me the admin stay logged on until I log off.

EDIT: @uroni can you shed some light on the web interface time-out issue? What are the defaults and where are they set?

It’s set to 30min (in code), shouldn’t timeout if you stay on the activity page or use live logs because they refresh. User IP address or browser change triggers a timeout as well.

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hardcoded timeouts!? c’mon, thats silly!

Surely, there is some plan to change this?